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Panel - Meet our Clients at Convention - MEDA Convention 2019 - Tucson - Friday, November 1, 2019 from MEDA on Vimeo.

Nataliia Sudarkina
Nataliia Sudarkina is a Ukrainian entrepreneur and business owner of AGRO-PATRIOT, a firm specialized in growing garlic. Nataliya partnered with MEDA’s Ukraine Horticulture Business Development Project (UHBDP). With MEDA’s help garlic has been successfully exported to Canada, Germany, Poland, Belarus and Moldova. In 2019 the company plans to plant about 200 hectares of garlic, and Nataliya cannot wait to share all their future business plans at MEDA Convention!

Metasebia Asfaw
Metasebia Asfaw is an entrepreneur from Northern Ethiopia who participated in MEDA’s EMERTA project. He is an expert in the tourism and hospitality industry and the owner of Mountain View Hotel in Lalibela, Ethiopia. Ethiopia’s unique landscape is quickly proving to be a great source of income for the mining industry, as Metasebia has partnered with MEDA to expand his gemstone business. He is excited to share his passions as a businessman with fellow entrepreneurs and MEDA supporters at MEDA Convention.

Nyan Linn
Nyan Linn is an entrepreneur and business owner in Myanmar. His business, Shan Maw Myae, is a private company for agriculture and livestock products. He sells organic certified fertilizers, pesticides for agriculture crops, livestock breeding supplements, and most recently rice flour that is sold in the largest grocery chain in Myanmar. As a partner in MEDA’s IMOW Myanmar project Nyan Linn is eager to discuss his insights on new market systems and value chains.