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Tim Dearborn - MEDA Convention 2019 - Tucson - Thursday, Oct 31, 2019 from MEDA on Vimeo.

Business can be as much Christian ministry as preaching, teaching Sunday School, or volunteering in a food bank. Tragically, the Church has tended to value businesspersons’ volunteer time more than their professional life. Tim Dearborn will talk about the need for businesspersons and their pastors to explore God's purposes for business. He will contribute to a new reformation in our understanding of lay ministry--not lay persons volunteering in church work--but lay persons participating in the coming of God's kingdom in every aspect of life. Business isn't "automatically" a "holy calling." There is a "question mark" attached to the phrase. It can become one when God's multiple purposes in addition to profit and making an income are fulfilled. Businesspersons can work with joy and fulfillment when they know that their work is contributing to other people and all of creation flourishing.

Tim Dearborn has spent his career advising business and church leaders on the topic of vocation, strategy, and business as a full-time Christian calling. While his career has been diverse and varied, the common thread is his conviction that – whether it is through the church, through families and neighbors, through NGOs and social service organizations, or in the workplace – all people are called to full-time Christian service and have vital roles in participating in the coming of God’s kingdom.

This conviction has led Tim to witness God’s faithful and powerful acts in over 50 countries, and gain diverse experience as a pastor, teacher, organizational leader, coach, cross-cultural team builder and writer. For many years he taught ethics and leadership at Regent College (Vancouver, BC) and at the School of Business, Government and Economics at Seattle Pacific University. He has also held leadership roles at Fuller Theological Seminary and World Vision International.

Tim has authored a number of books including: “Business as a Holy Calling? A Workbook for Christians in Business and their Pastors”, “Beyond Duty: A Passion for Christ, a Heart for Missions” and “Doing Business in the Kingdom of God: Biblical Foundations for Microenterprise Development”.

Tim delights in seeing his vision come to life and God at work. He enjoys hiking, cycling, and long walks with his wife Kerry Dearborn, to whom he’s been married for 47 years and has three grown daughters and sons-in-law, and seven grandchildren. He also enjoys playing with his grandchildren; long dinners and great conversations with friends and family; reading, writing, and silence; carpentry and construction; and sitting by the lake at their small mountain cabin watching eagles and osprey fish.