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MEDA’s Contributions to Women’s Economic Empowerment Practice from MEDA on Vimeo.

MEDA Convention 2019 - Seminar - November 1, 2019

Dr. Linda Jones, Vice President of Partnerships and Innovation, MEDA

Drawing on MEDA’s recent book publication - Women’s Economic Empowerment: Transforming Systems Through Development Practice – this seminar will discuss MEDA’s contributions to the field of women’s economic empowerment.

From MEDA’s early work in microcredit - to our nascent value chain programming in Pakistan – to our more recent expansion in gender lens investing and access to technology, this seminar will illustrate MEDA’s long-term commitment to gender equality and women’s empowerment.

Creating business solutions to poverty in the face of a changing climate from MEDA on Vimeo.

MEDA Convention 2019 - Friday, November 1

Dennis Tessier, Senior Programs Manager, Cross Cutting Services, Environment and Climate Change, MEDA
Dr. Pierre Kadet, Senior Director of Programs, West Africa, MEDA

Reports on climate change and biodiversity loss flood our newsfeed daily. On the frontlines, MEDA staff see how climate change impacts our clients’ decisions and how it affects MEDA’s business model.

This seminar will take a client-centric look at the impacts of climate change on market systems and value chains and will tell our clients’ stories to demonstrate that we have agency to combat and adapt to climate change and to protect the earth’s biodiversity.

The Evolution of MEDA’s Risk Capital Fund from MEDA on Vimeo.

MEDA Convention 2019 - Seminar - November 1, 2019

Jerry Quigley, Senior Vice President of Programs, MEDA
Katie Turner, Senior Director of Global Programs, MEDA
Gerald Morrison, Chief Financial Officer, MEDA

Beginning with MEDA’s investment in the Sarona Dairy in Paraguay in 1953, MEDA has become a recognized global leader in impact investing, blended finance and market-based programs that assist millions of people around the world to realize their economic and social aspirations.

The MEDA Risk Capital Fund (MRCF), a pool of investment assets owned by MEDA, is foundational to furthering our mission. Join us as we review how the MRCF has allowed us to leverage public and private investment funds as well as our vision for the future, including the development of an innovative gender lens investing fund.

Growing from Success and Failure - Learning through MEDA Programs from MEDA on Vimeo.

MEDA Convention 2019 - Friday, November 1

Jennifer Denomy, Clara Yoon Wilson, Allison Nafziger

This panel discussion will explore MEDA's learning journey: discussing questions like 'why is learning from our projects so important?', 'how do we capture learnings?', and, 'how do we apply and share our learnings?'. Drawing from MEDA programs and experiences, a panel of MEDA staff will engage with seminar participants around the theme of learning and knowledge-sharing with the goal of more inclusive private-sector development.

Angie Bastian - MEDA Convention 2019 - Tucson - Saturday, Nov 2, 2019 from MEDA on Vimeo.

Angie Bastian, entrepreneur, co‐founder and namesake of Angie’s BOOMCHICKAPOP, took a kernel of an idea and popped it into one of the fastest growing brands of natural popcorn. She and husband Dan founded their snack company in their Mankato, MN garage in 2001 as a means of creating a college fund for their children. Their gluten free, non‐GMO, whole grain popcorn is proudly sold in natural food, grocery, club and mass retail outlets nationwide with a product presence in Canada, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, the Caribbean, Central America, Mexico and Peru. Angie’s BOOMCHICKAPOP is loved by fans as an empowered, spirited brand that represents authentic, real food that delivers on the attributes of clean, transparent labeling and great taste experience. The company attracted investment from two private equity firms and was acquired by Conagra Brands October of 2017. It is one of the fastest growing and most successful popcorn brands in the market today.

The company has twice won Star Tribune’s Top workplace honors. Angie’s Boomchickapop is the 2015 ACG BOLD Award for corporate growth. She and Dan share Connect Business Magazine’s 2012 Person of the Year. Girl Scouts honored her as a Pioneering Trailblazer and she is a 2015 Inductee to the Minnesota Women’s Business Owner’s Hall of Fame. In 2017, she was awarded Pioneer in Food of Women’s Entrepreneurship Day #WEDO2017 at the United Nations. She has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, quoted in Forbes Magazine and appeared on the Martha Stewart Show. Her products have been recognized and awarded by numerous national publications and media.

Carol Rose - MEDA Convention 2019 - Tucson - Sunday, November 3, 2019 from MEDA on Vimeo.

Text: Esther 4:1-14

Such a time as this...unpredictable tariffs and trade wars, uncertain labor dynamics, high costs for health care…

Such a time as this… Migrants caught at the border, refugees refused entry, unpredictable weather knocking the feet out from under so many…

Esther took great risks to make her place in the royal household. Her plate was quite full with all the considerations and constraints required of one living in proximity to power. When her people came under attack, Mordecai came to her. She was caught tightly between the demands of her two families, faced with a deep considering…

Carol Rose is the Co-Pastor of Shalom Mennonite – a progressive, multi-cultural Anabaptist church in beautiful Tucson, Arizona. Prior to this role, she served as the director of Christian Peacemaker Teams, pastored at other Mennonite churches, and served with Mennonite Central Committee (MCC).

While Mennonites are not widely known in Arizona, the Shalom Mennonite congregation has roots dating back to the 1960s, was and was given its name after the merger of Tucson Mennonite Fellowship and Evangel Mennonite in 1987. Over the years, the congregation has focussed on practical ministries to help those in need – providing home repairs, a foodbank, and much more.

Today, the church carries on this tradition of outreach. They have created a welcoming and inclusive community that accepts people just as they are – regardless of age, race, abilities, sexual orientation, gender, nation of origin and preferred style of worship. They advocate for social justice and, after welcoming several families of Congolese refugees to their congregation, have transformed their Sunday worship service. Read about this transformation in an article published on

Panel - Meet our Clients at Convention - MEDA Convention 2019 - Tucson - Friday, November 1, 2019 from MEDA on Vimeo.

Nataliia Sudarkina
Nataliia Sudarkina is a Ukrainian entrepreneur and business owner of AGRO-PATRIOT, a firm specialized in growing garlic. Nataliya partnered with MEDA’s Ukraine Horticulture Business Development Project (UHBDP). With MEDA’s help garlic has been successfully exported to Canada, Germany, Poland, Belarus and Moldova. In 2019 the company plans to plant about 200 hectares of garlic, and Nataliya cannot wait to share all their future business plans at MEDA Convention!

Metasebia Asfaw
Metasebia Asfaw is an entrepreneur from Northern Ethiopia who participated in MEDA’s EMERTA project. He is an expert in the tourism and hospitality industry and the owner of Mountain View Hotel in Lalibela, Ethiopia. Ethiopia’s unique landscape is quickly proving to be a great source of income for the mining industry, as Metasebia has partnered with MEDA to expand his gemstone business. He is excited to share his passions as a businessman with fellow entrepreneurs and MEDA supporters at MEDA Convention.

Nyan Linn
Nyan Linn is an entrepreneur and business owner in Myanmar. His business, Shan Maw Myae, is a private company for agriculture and livestock products. He sells organic certified fertilizers, pesticides for agriculture crops, livestock breeding supplements, and most recently rice flour that is sold in the largest grocery chain in Myanmar. As a partner in MEDA’s IMOW Myanmar project Nyan Linn is eager to discuss his insights on new market systems and value chains.

Tim Dearborn - MEDA Convention 2019 - Tucson - Thursday, Oct 31, 2019 from MEDA on Vimeo.

Business can be as much Christian ministry as preaching, teaching Sunday School, or volunteering in a food bank. Tragically, the Church has tended to value businesspersons’ volunteer time more than their professional life. Tim Dearborn will talk about the need for businesspersons and their pastors to explore God's purposes for business. He will contribute to a new reformation in our understanding of lay ministry--not lay persons volunteering in church work--but lay persons participating in the coming of God's kingdom in every aspect of life. Business isn't "automatically" a "holy calling." There is a "question mark" attached to the phrase. It can become one when God's multiple purposes in addition to profit and making an income are fulfilled. Businesspersons can work with joy and fulfillment when they know that their work is contributing to other people and all of creation flourishing.

Tim Dearborn has spent his career advising business and church leaders on the topic of vocation, strategy, and business as a full-time Christian calling. While his career has been diverse and varied, the common thread is his conviction that – whether it is through the church, through families and neighbors, through NGOs and social service organizations, or in the workplace – all people are called to full-time Christian service and have vital roles in participating in the coming of God’s kingdom.

This conviction has led Tim to witness God’s faithful and powerful acts in over 50 countries, and gain diverse experience as a pastor, teacher, organizational leader, coach, cross-cultural team builder and writer. For many years he taught ethics and leadership at Regent College (Vancouver, BC) and at the School of Business, Government and Economics at Seattle Pacific University. He has also held leadership roles at Fuller Theological Seminary and World Vision International.

Tim has authored a number of books including: “Business as a Holy Calling? A Workbook for Christians in Business and their Pastors”, “Beyond Duty: A Passion for Christ, a Heart for Missions” and “Doing Business in the Kingdom of God: Biblical Foundations for Microenterprise Development”.

Tim delights in seeing his vision come to life and God at work. He enjoys hiking, cycling, and long walks with his wife Kerry Dearborn, to whom he’s been married for 47 years and has three grown daughters and sons-in-law, and seven grandchildren. He also enjoys playing with his grandchildren; long dinners and great conversations with friends and family; reading, writing, and silence; carpentry and construction; and sitting by the lake at their small mountain cabin watching eagles and osprey fish.