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FEATS 01Ghana’s tree crops subsector accounts for a substantial 16% of GDP (US$4 billion) and sustains over 1.6 million families. Cocoa alone contributes 11.5% to GDP and nearly one-third of the country’s foreign exchange earnings. (All 2013 data - latest available)

In recent years, tree crops production has declined, significantly due to decreasing yields of farmers’ aging trees. Inadequate supply of good quality planting materials is a major impediment. Access to quality seedlings – in terms of improved survival and growth rates and productivity – can double farmers’ current yields and result in substantial income gains for Ghana’s tree crop farmers and economy.

To help address this issue, MEDA is implementing the FEATS Project ($22 million over 6 years), which aims to contribute to improving the yields, incomes and well-being of Ghanaian tree crop farmers by:

  • Supplying ~20 million quality seedlings for Cocoa, Cashew, Rubber and Shea to 100,000 male and female smallholder farmers including youth
  • Creating a sustainable seedling distribution network comprising 50 community distribution nurseries (CDNs) that are owned and operated by local small entrepreneurs, and generate local employment
  • Helping smallholder farmers gain access to finance and offering price incentives
  • Providing them training and capacity building in good agronomic practices to cultivate the seedlings profitably in an environmentally sustainable manner
  • Fostering an enabling environment through favourable policy and strategy reform

find us on facebookTo achieve this, MEDA has partnered with Tree Global, an international tree nursery company, to establish modern, large-scale production nurseries in Ghana to supply quality seedlings. The project appreciates the support of the Ghana Cocoa Board and is working in cooperation with them to help augment the supply of quality cocoa seedlings to farmers.

Project Quick Facts

Goal: Improved incomes and well-being of Ghanaian tree crop farmers by developing sustainable supply chains and markets for quality planting materials
Reach: 100,000 smallholder farmers including women and youth, supplied with 20 million quality seedlings, through 50 local small entrepreneurs
Duration: 2015-2021
Value: $22.26 million
Funding: Global Affairs Canada (GAC - $10.75M), Tree Global, MEDA

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Project undertaken with the financial support of the Government of Canada provided through Global Affairs Canada