EDGET - Ethiopians Driving Growth, through Entrepreneurship, and Trade | Ethiopia

EDGET projectEthiopia boasts one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, but is still one of the poorest countries. With the right tools and support, Ethiopian rice and textile producers can potentially take advantage of this high level of growth to enhance their productivity and improve their livelihoods.


Ethiopians Driving Growth, Entrepreneurship and Trade (EDGET), a five-year pro-poor value chain development project, aims to increase incomes for 10,000 farmers and textile producers by facilitating access to growing markets, enhanced production techniques, appropriate technologies, improved input supplies, and affordable support services, including finance.

EDGET, which means progress in Amharic, will concentrate on integrating smallholder rice farmers and small-scale textile artisans into higher value markets through increased market linkages (including input, services, and final markets) and enhanced productivity. Program participants will benefit from commercial access to support services from local, sustainable providers with these services continuing to operate after the program ends. 

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 Project Quick Facts

Goal: Increased income and improved livelihoods for 10,000 rural and peri-urban households - through increased participation in thriving value chains, such as rice and hand-woven textiles, and enhanced production techniques, access to appropriate technologies, and improved input supplies and support services, including finance.

Reaching: 10,000 men and women smallholder farmers and weavers and their families

Funding: Global Affairs Canada (GAC)

Project length: 2011-2016 (5 years)