Mountain Lion Agriculture

Mountain Lion Agriculture is a rice processing company in Sierra Leone that operates a rice processing mill (par boil, dry, mill, package) facility, a 100-hectare seed and grain rice farm.

Company Description

Mountain Lion Agriculture (MLA) Ltd. is a Canadian-Sierra Leonean owned rice processing company operating in Sierra Leone since 2010. Currently the sole domestic supplier of branded rice products in the country, MLA operates a rice processing mill (par boil, dry, mill, package) facility, a 100-hectare seed and grain rice farm. The company is the largest rice miller in Sierra Leone and has the only local rice brand in the country.

Sierra Leone currently imports the majority of its rice, which presents a great opportunity for MLA to grow higher quality, competitively priced domestic brands that benefit local people. The company will also export a small portion of its product to specialty export markets.

Community Impact

With MEDA’s help, Mountain Lion has created a positive impact in various ways:

  • Access to goods and services: Since inception in 2010, 87,500 local consumers have benefitted from Mountain Lion’s rice, a product improved by parboiling, a process that enriches the entire grain with the nutrients of the husk and skin. The final product contains levels of protein, calcium, iron and Vitamin A and C that are significantly higher than the lower quality imported brown or white rice
  • High quality jobs:  Staff earn 1.5 times more than the average local wage and receive benefits such as comprehensive health care  and a pension plan with contributions equally split between employer and employee
  • Governance and management:  Strong independent board including Canadian, American and Sierra Leonean business leaders who meet on a monthly basis. Feedback from smallholder farmers has been integrated through an innovative, cloud-based farmer data-tracker and annual meetings
  • Innovation: Increased mechanisation and loans provided by Mountain Lion allowed smallholder farmers to increase their land use from two to five acres and their revenues have grown on average by 250%

Company update at June 30, 2015

Mountain Lion currently supports 2,500 smallholder rice farmers through training, seed distribution, equipment rental and access to market. In 2014, Mountain Lion increased its processing capacity four-fold, becoming a leading, modern rice-mill  in Sierra Leone. They established a community centre and allowed a greater number of children to attend school. As part of its CSR program, the company delivered 2,550 bags of rice to families quarantined during the Ebola crisis.