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PRESS RELEASE: "MEDA and Envirolabs Secure Distribution Channels for Three Production Kitchens in the Jordan Valley" 

In cooperation with its Key Facilitating Partner Environmental Laboratory for Microbiological and Chemical Analysis (Envirolabs), MEDA’s Global Affairs Canada-(GAC)funded Jordan Valley Links (JVL) project, which supports women and youth entrepreneurs to start and build their business in Jordan, hosted a contract signing event between three newly established GAC supported Production Kitchens and their distribution agencies. These contracts ensure continuous orders, per agreed upon volumes and prices, at levels that ensure the Production Kitchens' viability and sustainability.  

The three kitchens, which are situated in Irbid, Northern Shoneh, and Kuraimeh produce frozen products; Makdous (pickled stuffed eggplant) and dried vegetables and fruits; and date bars, respectively.   


Left to Right: Sa’ed Olayan, Marketing consultant; Hanan Al Wedyan, Chairwoman of Irbid production Hub; Tarek AlFarra, MEDA Private Sector Liaison Advisor; Ahsan–ul –Haque Helal, MEDA Jordan Country Director; Hamzah Kamal, Livelihoods Consultant; Maysoon Al Mansi, Chairwoman of Northern Shoneh production Hub; Sondos Samara, Envirolabs CEO and Project manager; Bayan Hammad, Project Coordinator and Food specialist; Asma Al Balawneh, Chairwoman of Kuraimeh production Hub. 

The agreements ensure that tens of tons of high-quality food products will be sold every week generating revenues of around 15 thousand Jordanian Dinars per month for all three kitchens, economically empowering at least 75 women.   

Sondos Samara, CEO of Envirolabs, said that she was "delighted to reach this stage in the MEDA JVL Envirolabs partnership where we can see our common vision materialize for those kitchen hubs and see the enthusiasm and eagerness of these ladies to work towards their economic empowerment and prosperity”.   

For his part, Ahsan - ul - Haque Helal, MEDA Jordan Country Director, said that “this is indeed an exciting and satisfying event to witness that women-led kitchens are fully equipped and ready to produce at a volume to capture market. This aggregation model ensures mutually beneficial and profitable relationships between producers and distributors”.  




Left to right: Lubna Al-Kayed, JO Consultancy Managing Director; Sondos Samara, Envirolabs CEO; Ahsan-ul-Haque Helal, MEDA Jordan Country Director; and Asma Al Balawneh, Chairwoman of Kuraimeh Production Hub, sign a distribution agreement at MEDA Jordan that will ensure the sale of 22,000 date bars per month. 

With three kitchens already developed and linked with distributers, three more are scheduled to be completed and linked with distributers within the coming two months.