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Outcomes of your support

The Jordan Valley Links project (JVL) was created to give new and struggling businesspeople in the Jordan Valley a chance.

Thanks to you, they are achieving success!


Ons was no stranger to entrepreneurship when she was first introduced to the Jordan Valley Links project in 2018. Though she was a zealous businesswoman, her previous ventures proved unsuccessful due to a lack of access to training and the right support mechanisms.

With support through JVL, Ons began a new venture, a local grocery store. The nearest supermarket to Ons’ village of North Shouneh is miles away and residents often spent nearly as much money on transport to get there as they did on the groceries themselves.

Today Ons’ grocery store is a staple in her community. Thanks to you.

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The Jordan Valley is a highly educated region, yet aspiring entrepreneurs face multiple obstacles in business. For women and youth in the region, entrepreneurship and innovation are hindered by a lack of community supports and cultural restrictions.

Through strategic partnerships with the private sector, JVL aims to increase the contribution of women and youth to Jordan’s economy.

Here is how your support is making an impact in Jordan:




1,595 women and youth entrepreneurs trained on technical skills, business planning, access to technology
5,224 aspiring and existing women and youth entrepreneurs received financial education and soft skills training



3,115 women and youth entrepreneurs participating in formal business networks (including incubators)
2,703 women and youth entrepreneurs participating in informal business networks

Market Linkages


3,439 market linkages established and facilitated for women and youth entrepreneurs



2,416 women and youth entrepreneurs linked with mentors


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