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In the Jordan Valley, entrepreneurs in general have poor and limited access to markets, business development services, and finance; these constraints are particularly exacerbated for women and youth. In addition, societal and cultural perceptions towards women’s and youth’s work and their role in entrepreneurship are neither encouraging nor favorable. As a result, promising entrepreneurs are not able to bring their good ideas to fruition or to develop job-creating businesses at a time of heightened economic fragility in Jordan. Entrepreneurship, innovation and risk-taking among women and youth are hindered by the lack of support, infrastructure, and cultural restrictions.

To address this, MEDA, in partnership with the Government of Canada, is implementing the Jordan Valley Links project which will provide women and youth, as well as existing market actors, with the capacity building and incentives required to develop their businesses and better integrate women and youth producers in three value chains: food processing, tourism and clean technologies. find us on facebookWomen and youth will develop and expand their production and/or businesses through training, coaching/mentorship, networking opportunities and market engagement.

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Project Quick Facts:

Goal: To increase the contribution by Jordanian women and youth to Jordan’s economic growth. This will be done by improving entrepreneurial and business acumen of women and youth and by reducing barriers to entry (market and societal/cultural) for enterprise development.

Reach: 25,000 women and youth

Funder: Global Affairs Canada

Project Length: 2016-2021

Project Partners: Our growing list of partners includes the Jordanian Hashemite Fund for Human Development (JOHUD); Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN); Experience Baraka Consulting; Feynan Ecolodge; Green Tech; Future Pioneers; Royal Scientific Society; Jordan River Foundation (JRF); and National Association for Family Empowerment (NAFE).

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