Investment - Current Projects

INFRONT (Impact Investing in Frontier Markets)

INFRONT LogoSmall and medium enterprises (SMEs) play a pivotal role in driving economic growth in emerging economies, however face significant challenges to improving their businesses. INFRONT will work throughout Asia, Africa and Latin America to expand the ability of SMEs to access investment capital, adopt and implement enlightened business practices, and accurately measure social impact.

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Trading Up

SMEs play a significant role in the advancement of trade, boosting economic growth and reducing poverty.  However, they are frequently unable to operate at an optimal level due to a lack of trade finance loans that would enable them to buy needed materials to fulfill orders or to finance unpaid accounts receivable that can leave small companies hamstrung, and to generally smooth cash flow and pay employees and suppliers faster.

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Invest East Africa

IEA LogoSmall and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the East African Community benefit from liberalized regional trade but often lack the trade support, information and growth capital to take advantage of these opportunities. MEDA’s Invest East Africa project aims to address these challenges through fundraising and investing up to $40 million USD into SMEs engaged in or having the potential to expand trade in the region and through the creation of a technical assistance facility, which provides Trade Innovation Grants (TIGs) to improve firm capacities to trade within the East African Community.

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