MEDA Intern Testimonials

"I wCurtis-Shaneas most interested in MEDA's wide variety of economic development ideas on how they take grassroots steps in order to help out the people and the countries they are working in. They don't give handouts and instead empower the citizens to reach their highest potential on their own. It was a great organization right from the orientation week to work for, and be a part of. The standards are very high and the organization is well known and respected in developing countries they do work in."
Curtis Shane
I.T. Development Intern (2013)


Stephanie-Shenkedited"I liked their strong reputation and their culturally and environmentally sensitive approach to social enterprise. I also had been to a MEDA convention that I found inspiring!"
Stephanie Shenk
Project Coordinator Intern (2012)
Washington, D.C.



Jessica-Adach"Working in international development has really opened my eyes to the process of implementing an intervention. Although I had prior experience traveling and volunteering abroad, nothing can compare to living and working somewhere for an extended period of time. Visiting local communities, meeting clients and their families and seeing the positive results of the project was so rewarding."
Jessica Adach
Gender Intern (2013)


Katherine-Arblaster"I feel like this period of six months has allowed me to draw on my business degree and apply what I learned in those four years in a real business. I was trusted to take initiative, autonomy and the lead on many projects, which has instilled me with confidence and motivation. I have become even more passionate about pursuing a career in international development and finally feel like I understand what a career in international development would actually look like."
Katherine Arblaster
Rural Microfinance Intern (2012)


Catherine-Walker"I think my post-grad in International Development and Project Management was extremely helpful in preparing me for this position. This degree in particular gave me a lot of background in areas such as monitoring and evaluation and donor reporting which I used in my position."
Catherine Walker
Rural Microfinance Intern (2013)
Managua, Nicaragua 


Caitlin-MacDougall"The interpersonal and intercultural skills I gained by working in a different culture also prepared me for working in different and changing environments... The skills I gained have increased my employability, but also my sense of global citizenship."
Caitlin MacDougall
Communications Development Intern (2012)




"I couldn't have asked for a better opportunity in gaining the necessary skills to benefit me at my current job. I was able to continue working for the company I was placed with and it is the most impactful and rewarding work experience I have ever had."
Jared Worley
Rural Microfinance Intern (2013)
Lusaka, Zambia



Mary-Fehr"The absolute most important lesson I learned was to get involved. Whether that be at work, learning new areas of the organization or in your community, joining different clubs or sports teams. I have learned so many things, met incredible people and been on adventures like climbing Mt. Meru, swimming with whale sharks, playing underwater hockey and so much more."
Mary Fehr
Impact Assessment Intern, PSD (2013)


Sarah-French"The best advice to give anyone, I believe in national or international work, is to be prepared to expect the unexpected, and be OPEN to it"
Sarah French
Impact Assessment Intern (2013)
Leon, Nicaragua



Meghan-Denegaedited"Still, my most significant change occurred in my attitude towards the field of International Development as a whole. The UHDP is a well-designed and well-implemented project that brings real, tangible improvements to the lives of its clients. The Project works with the clients and does not take away their agency, but rather supports them and provides them with the necessary tools and knowledge to maximize their efficiency and profitability."
Meghan Denega
Impact Assessment Intern (2012)