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Global Affairs Canada (GAC) and MEDA are supporting 16,000 small scale businesses and entrepreneurs, particularly those run by women and youth, to improve their business performance and the business
environment in the agricultural sector in Bauchi state. The project will also aim to increase communities’ awareness on the issues of early and forced child marriage with 25,000 community and family members in Bauchi state. Girls Nigeria WAY

Over five years (2017-2022), the project will focus on select agricultural value chains originating in Bauchi state to improve the business performance and environment for entrepreneurs and small scale businesses.

The project will focus on small scale businesses in the rice, groundnut and soybean value chains, particularly those led by women and youth, to improve productivity; increase access to markets, financial services and information; and to incorporate environmentally sustainable practices. The project will seek to raise awareness on the risks of early and forced child marriage by working with families and communities to better understand the benefits of find us on facebookengaging women and youth in entrepreneurship though awareness campaigns, employment and entrepreneurship skills building, provision of safe spaces, networking and mentorship opportunities.

Project Quick Facts

Project will benefit 41,000 people, particularly women and youth, family members and communities:

  • 16,000 entrepreneurs and small growing businesses will economic performance
  • 25,000 families and community members will become better aware of the risks of early and forced child marriage

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