Our Impact

Creating business solutions to poverty

Sustainable. Scalable. Measurable. Replicable.

Creating business solutions to poverty is dependent on data. Data empowers us to make informed decisions, identify problems, be strategic in our approaches, develop programming, and improve people’s lives. It ensures that our work is scalable, replicable, and sustainable.

How we work

We partner with experienced small and medium-sized businesses, financial institutions, farmers, and market actors to create sustainable solutions to poverty through business and entrepreneurship.

Proving our Impact

We are committed to measuring lasting impact. Data informs our interventions, decisions, and adaptations. By collecting and analyzing data, we can best contribute to our client’s economic empowerment and prosperity.

Our Global Impact FY2021


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Decent Work

Stories of Change

Turning a crisis into an opportunity- how Hadija provided decent work for herself and her community

October 27, 2022

Hadija always knew she wanted to be an entrepreneur. This truth became clearer as she graduated from university. She saw...

Lifting his family out of poverty by growing the right seeds

September 6, 2022

Baltazari knows what it means to struggle: the farmer from Nyasa district, Tanzania, works hard to provide for his six...

“Getting a foot in the door”: How internships provide job experiences for young people that pay off

September 5, 2022

Around the world, youth unemployment remains a lingering problem, with millions of young people unable to contribute their time and...

“I am so grateful to the MEDA-FEATS project and Lucky Star Farms for the opportunity. Thanks to them, I can now call myself an employee, and can generate income to meet most of my personal needs. My husband is very proud of me and has a renewed sense of respect for me.”

— Diana, project client in Ghana