Winter 2022 Impact Report – FEATS

The Farmers Economic Advancement Through Seedlings (FEATS) Project

Your support has continued to equip farmers and entrepreneurs with the tools and training needed to find success in their livelihoods and business.

Farmers are essential: they provide food and income for millions worldwide. Their importance is especially clear in Ghana, where over half of the Ghanaian labor force works in the agricultural sector.

Tree crops are vital to the country’s economy, but the industry has struggled. Less farmland, an aging workforce, and older trees mean less productivity. This has prevented the industry from achieving its potential. Yet, despite the obstacles, your support gives farmers and entrepreneurs the tools they need to prosper.

FEATS is just another example of how you’ve made an impact in Ghana: through your essential contributions, these hardworking farmers and entrepreneurs were able to get the necessary tools they need to build profitable farms, businesses, and a reliable value chain that can support their growing industry.

Your support is:

Boosting the supply of quality tree crop seedlings by providing better training and infrastructure for businesses and farmers.

Increasing Tree Crop Farmers’ productivity by improving their knowledge and access to higher-quality seeds.

Improving the Business Environment by supporting government and businesses to strengthen markets for entrepreneurs and farmers.

How a hobby became a profitable livelihood
Prince and Grace’s story

Prince Frimpong has owned and operated a small cashew nut nursery as a hobby for nearly twenty years. Yet, when Prince married his wife, Grace, they turned their hobby into their livelihood. They later registered their business as POFAMG, a combination of their names.

Like many small businesses, it experienced challenges. The nursery struggled to find qualified workers to graft its seedlings. As a result, the company underperformed. In 2017, POFAMG only grafted half of the 20,000 seedlings they nursed.

Yet, their business improved when Grace signed an agreement with the FEATS project in 2019. Since then, they upgraded their nursery equipment and received nursery operations, business management, and seed grafting training.

“…. Through the nursery management training, I was able to build my own technical ability in seedling production. I and three of my women employees were also taken through grafting training, and between us and my husband, we are now able to graft to meet our nursery’s needs,” Grace said.

Through better training, access to markets and equipment, the nursery increased its production. It went from grafting 10,000 seedlings in 2019 to 65,000 in 2020.

“We have experienced a transformation in both our business and family life since we partnered with MEDA. Today, we can generate enough income from our nursery business and have even diversified into other streams of income. We started 12 and 17- acre cashew and mango plantations, respectively, and have also started a mushroom farming business from our profits from the nursery business,” Grace said.

In the future, POFAMG is working to produce and sell at least 100,000 cashew seedlings per year and grow other crops. Prince and Grace are hopeful that they will make enough money to provide for their family of five through their nursery, mushroom business, cashew, and mango plantation businesses.

Impact by the numbers

9 M

producers supported
during 2020


farmers supported to plant quality tree seedlings


in matching
grants to grow the businesses of
36 women-led SMEs


farmers have been assisted with seedling purchase discounts to buy and plant quality seedlings


farmers were trained in Good Agricultural Practices (GAPS), Environment, and Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI).


women-led SMEs
were supported with business and leadership mentorship programs for the tree crop industry


farmers were supported with access to financing from financial institutions


7 Years: 2015-2022
MEDA Private Supporters: $2.6M
Global Affairs Canada: $10.7M