Technolinks+ Impact Report

Farmers find success in Nicaragua through
the Technolinks+ project

Small-scale farmers make up over half of Nicaragua’s farmers and produce nearly all the food for the country’s six and a half million people. But despite their efforts, most lack access to essential resources, such as higher quality seeds, irrigation to make their work more efficient, and financing to pay for improved technology. Yet, with the right tools, such as capital, technical, and mentoring assistance, they can build farms and businesses that are sustainable and competitive.

Thanks to your support, the Technolinks+ project has made great progress in creating decent work for Nicaraguan farmers and producers – providing electronic vouchers and grants to access better technologies, ensuring farms are more productive, improving the quality of farmers’ products, and making businesses more profitable. With increased knowledge, skills, and financial capacity, farmers and entrepreneurs are finding business success.

Through your financial support and in partnership with funding from Global Affairs Canada, the Technolinks+ project supported clients with:

Greater access to eco-friendly technology, business development, and investment services

Greater access to market information and knowledge fairs

Educational opportunities in value chain and business management

How anti-insect mesh technology become a game-changer for Juan: A Technolinks+ project snapshot

Juan (seen below) is a Nicaraguan farmer who worked hard to build a better future for his wife and children through farming. But, despite Juan’s hard work, he experienced many challenges.

Juan learned of an opportunity to watch a technology demonstration session that was organized by the Ministry of Family, Community, Cooperative, and Associative Economy (MEFCA) through MEDA’s Technolinks+ project.

The demonstration took place on the farm of Jace, a local producer, where Juan learned how Technolinks+ technology providers could improve the quality of his crops. Juan also learned about the TechnoLinks+ project discount incentive which he could use to buy anti-insect mesh and increase his tomato production.

The use of the Technolinks+ discount has been positive. Since gaining this technology, the anti-insect mesh has supported Juan Carlos in improving his knowledge of tomato management and growing more productive fruit. It also greatly reduced the use of agrochemicals to control insect populations and improved his use of fertilizers. This was a big win for Juan: he works fewer hours per day as a result.

The increased yield on his farm after using the anti-insect mesh has been impressive. Before using this technology, Juan produced an estimated 37,500 kilograms (82,673 lbs.) of tomatoes. Most of the production costs were used for pest control.

Once the anti-insect mesh was installed, production doubled to 75,000 kilograms (165,346 lbs.). As
a result, Juan was able to invest in increasing the number of plants and in buying more fertilizers. Today, Juan continues to increase his farm’s production and the quality of his produce.

A more efficient farm that grows higher quality produce doesn’t just mean better products for Juan’s customers. It also means more profitable and fulfilling work for Juan- and a higher quality of life for him and his family. Decent work is good for everyone.

Gloria Talavera, associate at the Julio Hernandez cooperative, Nicaragua. Technolinks + project

Your impact by the numbers


Jobs were created


Producers were informed about technologies and services benefits
(nearly half were women)


Producers participated in agritechnology fairs


Loans have been granted to 114 women and 774 men producers


Agribusiness and cooperatives received business development services


Farmers received e-vouchers to support the purchase of environmentally sustainable technology


Agribusinesses and cooperatives received investment through grants


Public officials were trained to provide technical assistance to producers

Your support has equipped farmers and businesspeople with the technology and finance they need to prosper. Thank you!


7 Years: 2016-2023