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Ethiopians Driving Growth, Entrepreneurship, and Trade (EDGET)

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Ethiopia 2019 Assessment Demonstrates Growing Impact of Project

Impact Report Data

Building Business Capacity and Incomes

In 2010, MEDA launched the EDGET project, with a focus on increasing incomes for 10,000 men and women farmers and weavers. The project aimed to help smallholder rice farmers and small-scale artisans access much needed supplies, finances, support services and hands-on training. The goals included helping to increase their access to growing markets and improve their productivity through more effective techniques. As a result of MEDA’s work, many Ethiopian rice and textile entrepreneurs are producing high-quality products and reaching new and growing markets, which is driving growth and improving incomes and livelihoods. We see that the project indirectly helped to increase education, health and opportunities for their children and family members. ,

Today, EDGET continues to demonstrate positive, sustainable and GROWING impact on the livelihoods and businesses of small entrepreneurs in Ethiopia.


Your Support in Action

2019: Bosena continues her journey with MEDA through the EDGET—follow-on project EMERTA (Ethiopians Motivating Enterprises to Rise in Trade and Agri-business), receiving training and mentorship to support her business growth in the rice sector.
Bosena's story

Meaningful & Sustainable Impact: EDGET 2019 Assessment


Since project close, producer incomes continued to increase by an average of 34%. Producers have nearly doubled their assets since project close.


73% joined a savings and loan group and continue to see benefits today.
EDGET-initiated loan program to support business growth.


30 Chencha-based weavers continue to supply garments for Ethiopian Airlines flight attendants under an EDGET-facilitated contract.


82% received Gender Equality training that continues to have positive impact today.
Women reported more respect from husbands as a result of training and business activities.

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