Gender Lens Investing Consultancy​

GroFin Managers

Small and Growing Business (SGB) Fund, Africa

GroFin provides investment and business support to growing businesses in Africa and the Middle East. GroFin helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses through tailored finance and value-added business support.

Over a one-year period, MEDA advised GroFin on the development and implementation of a differentiated and responsive Gender Lens Investing (GLI) strategy.

Informed by in-depth market research in Ghana, Kenya, Egypt and South Africa, the GLI strategy focuses primarily on closing the persistent access-to-finance gap faced by women-owned businesses in the markets in which GroFin’s SGB Fund invests.

In addition, the GLI strategy seeks to increase economic opportunities for women throughout portfolio company operations including the workforce, supply chain and customer base.

The consultancy included setting GroFin’s strategic GLI direction, establishing a gender policy and creating a GLI toolkit, training and impact measurement framework to build capacity of the GroFin team to champion and apply the GLI strategy in practice.

Learn more about GroFin’s gender lens investments in their 2019 Annual Report