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It doesn’t take much to create a lasting impact.

Pablo Pinell Atomizador

It doesn’t take much to create a lasting impact.

Sometimes creating a lasting impact is as simple as access to one seemingly inconsequential piece of equipment.

That was the case for Pablo, a small holder farmer in Nicaragua who grows vegetables and staple grains. He first learned about the Technolinks+ program through the project’s government partners. Using an equipment discount offered through the project, he purchased an automatic atomizer, a tool to help him efficiently distribute fertilizer and organic insecticide throughout his farm. It immediately improved production. Fields which once took an entire day to spray with old, manual equipment, Pablo could now complete in a couple of hours. Seeing the results, he lent out his atomizer to neighboring producers for free. In turn, the surrounding community benefitted from higher yields and increased profits.

“These atomizers, they’re the main weapon, the main tool here in this region. Simple, but now it’s a necessity in order to be able to work.”

- Pablo

Small holder farmers in Nicaragua share a lot in common with farmers around the globe. They anticipate rain and are met with drought, constantly battle unwanted plants, pests and disease, and face increasingly larger gaps between supply and demand. Where Nicaraguan farmers differ is that they experience these challenges coupled with poverty and political unrest.

With your support, farmers like Pablo are able to purchase the technology needed to survive the devastating effects of climate change, receive training on and access to equipment that is otherwise unavailable to them, and increase their production capacity.

Like us, today they face an even greater challenge – a pandemic. It comes at a critical time when farmers in Nicaragua are preparing their fields for planting. Without access to climate smart technology they remain entirely dependent on the rainy season. Many already struggle from season to season to stay afloat. They need your support.

You can eliminate the barriers that stand in their way by ensuring farmers in Nicaragua have access to the technology and training they need to provide for their families, sustain their businesses and invest in their communities.

Your gift is multiplied 7x in impact when paired with funding from institutional donors!

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