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Joyce risked everything when she started her own nursery


Joyce risked everything when she started her own nursery

Joyce risked everything when she started the Joyce Mensah Nursery. Her ambition to run her own business was fueled by her desire to better provide for her family – her own two children, and the four foster children in her care – by giving them the education and quality of life she never had.

Recognizing her skills in the grafting trade, she seized an opportunity to venture out on her own as an independent cashew nursery producer. But life as a nursery owner has been challenging. She struggles to keep her business afloat.

There is no second chance for Joyce. No additional financing options. No family to lean on for support. No education for her children if she fails. Joyce lives in Ghana. Like many small business owners in her region, she has the skills and the drive but lacks access to the resources, financing, technical assistance and training she needs to succeed.

Agriculture accounts for 40% of Ghana’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Tree crops, including cashew, rubber, cocoa and shea, make up one third of that. But tree crop production has significantly declined, due to diminishing yields of aging trees and an inadequate supply of planting materials. This shortfall could leave 1.6 million families without a stable income.

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