2015 | Agriculture Finance Training Technical Assistance

MEDA’s support to the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization’s Rural Infrastructure and Agro-industries Division helped improve three training / capacity building courses offered by the FAO to “Enable more inclusive and efficient food and agricultural systems at local, national and international levels”.

The consultancy involved the application of best practices in adult education and pedagogy to the production and delivery of two new and one updated training packages, consisting of: a course overview that could also serve as a marketing tool, facilitator guides, user-friendly modular lessons in power point, and a reference/case study guide with examples, exercises and reading materials that could be tailored for Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Project Quick Facts

Goal: To support the FAO's Rural Infrastructure and Agro-Industries Division in improving their in-class and e-learning versions of Agricultural Value Chains, Financial Market Assessment for the Agricultural Sector, and Agribusiness Investment Promotion.

Reaching: One organization as direct beneficiary and 100s of trainees

Funding: United Nations - Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO)

Project Length: January to July 2015