Suriname Microfinance Capacity Building

Suriname MicrofinanceMEDA provided technical guidance and support for the Surinamese Trust Company (SuriTrust) as well as five other local microfinance providers to assist with the development of the microfinance sector in Suriname.

While the Suriname microfinance sector is quite new (started in 2009), it has the potential to reach 35,000 unbanked people, the majority of whom live in remote parts of the Amazonian jungle. MEDA’s deposit mobilization team provided training and technical guidance to develop new products, delivery channels, and offered delinquency management training to the new institutions and their management. Through the proven techniques of product development, market research, risk management, and corporate governance, we hope to build a thriving industry that will eventually meet the financial service needs of the remote populations in Suriname.

Project Quick Facts

Goal: To offer technical support and training to five new MFIs and support expanded outreach into remote areas of Suriname

Reaching: 805 clients

Funding: SuriTrust

Project length: Feb 2012 to Nov 2013