Risk Management Framework Development - Afghanistan

Risk Management Consultancy Mutahid - AfghanistanPSMEDA’s team designing and providing the foundational support for the growth of MUTAHID - development finance institution (DFI) that birthed from a recent large-scale merger of several microfinance operations in Afghanistan.

MUTAHID was created by the apex institutions, Microfinance Investment Support Facility for Afghanistan, to combine smaller microfinance institutions and to salvage the significant investments made over the last few years in the Afghan microfinance sector.

With MEDA’s support in risk management and human resources management, the project will build one larger, stronger and sustainable financial institution based on the core principles of ethics and hard work.

In time, MUTAHID will grow into a well-performing microfinance institution, with client-centered financial products and services available to those who are underserved throughout Afghanistan.

Project Quick Facts

Goal: To support the growth and development of Afghanistan’s premier microfinance institution.

Reaching: 5,000 clients

Funding: Microfinance Investment Support Facility for Afghanistan

Project length: Feb 2012 to September 2012