Zoona Transactions International

Zoona Transactions International serves more than 20,000 customers with cell-phone based money transfer, payment and voucher services.

Company Description

Zoona Transactions International (Zoona) is an African mobile payments business with a vision of creating a cashless Africa. Its model combines a proprietary payment technology with an agent network to enable customers to transact easily, quickly, safely and affordably.

Zoona has two electronic payment product lines – e-voucher payments and ordering/supplier payments – and two cash payment product lines – money transfers and agent payments – which utilize a network of cash agents to provide cash in/cash out services to clients.


By developing an agent network as opposed to branches, Zoona minimizes overhead while partnering with local businesses, which act as franchisees of the Zoona brand. Zoona already has 672 outlets, providing national coverage for their clients in Zambia and Malawi. Zoona is able to reach clients the banks simply cannot or will not service. As a result, the company is able to offer financial services to those who need them at a fraction of the cost of existing operators.

Zoona successfully launched in Malawi in 2014 in partnership with People's Super Markets, which allowed agents to set up outlets in their stories. Malawi Zoona processed more than 12,000 money transfers in December alone. They need to multiply the agent network in Malawi quickly to meet growing demand.

Over the next two years, the company plans to expand into Ghana, Nigeria, Mozambique and Southern DRC.