Agriculture represents approximately 72% of Uganda’s economy but it makes up less than 25% of the country’s GDP. Many rural farmers, in particular women, work on small plots of land and do not have the technology or education to become profitable. Due to higher prices and improvements in farm productivity and yields, Uganda has reduced poverty among households employed in the agricultural sector, achieving an impressive reduction in poverty by 31.2% between 2006 and 2017.

Years Active

2010 – Present

Technical Areas

Financial services, market systems, gender equality

Primary Value Chains/Sectors

Cassava, water access, moringa

MEDA's work in Uganda

MEDA’s work in Uganda has included economic inclusion efforts through saving groups, facilitating financial services for women and men experiencing poverty, and providing business development services. In the agricultural sector, MEDA works with farmers and small businesses to bring improved, higher yielding seeds to farmers at affordable prices.

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