Jordan’s economy is considered an upper middle-income economy, whose main exports are grains, fruits, and vegetables. Agriculture remains an important livelihood source for people living in rural areas. Although agriculture is the predominant sector, only 15% of women are part of the labor force. Engaging women in agriculture is beneficial not only to enable all segments of society to reach their full potential but will lead to increased economic growth.

Years Active

2014 – 2021

Areas of Expertise

Financial services, gender equality, market systems

Primary Sectors

Food processing, clean tech, and community-based tourism

MEDA's work in Jordan

From 2014 – 2021, MEDA worked in Jordan and partnered with small and medium-sized enterprises to increase 25,000 women and youth’s access to financial services, market opportunities, and training. MEDA improved the entrepreneurial and business knowledge of women and youth while reducing the barriers they face to creating businesses. This project is now closed. We are pleased to have enabled women and youth to gain the tools and resources they need to contribute to Jordan’s economic growth.

Our Impact

Direct Clients​
Percentage Women
0 %
«I’m not the same Samia from before … After my [business] registration at the end of 2018, I started to feel I’m a different person. I know I can sell, and I have the skills to present my product.»