MEDA Green Team Guide

eco friendly background 71JNl7Why start a MEDA Green Team?

Environment and climate change are core components of how MEDA approaches its work around the world, ensuring the integration of environmental sustainability in all we do. MEDA’s Environment and Climate Change Policy reflects this commitment across the organization. At MEDA, we can be environmentally conscious not only in our project work but also in the office, and that’s where Green Teams help!

MEDA’s Green Teams raise general awareness among our colleagues about environmental and climate change issues, and mobilize action at the office to ensure that we are working as sustainably as we can. MEDA’s first Green Team started at headquarters (HQ) in Waterloo, ON and has actively distributed knowledge on environment and climate change issues and held events and challenges so that everyone can participate to be more environmentally conscious.

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This guide will help you set up a Green Team at your own office. In ‘How to get started’, we provide answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). Then in ‘Ideas for promoting a greener office’, we suggest a few actions you can take to help your office be more conscious of waste, conserving energy and water, becoming healthier, and connecting with others who are celebrating our natural environment around the world. Finally, in ‘Resources’ you will find links to a few videos that you can share with your team and your office from time to time, to keep you motivated.

How to get started
    Ideas for promoting a greener office / Resources