How to get started

Starting a MEDA Green Team is easy! Here is a list of FAQs to help you begin.

1. Who do we include on the team?

Creating a greener office is not difficult, but it cannot be done by one person alone. With a team, we benefit from different people’s experiences, ideas, and passion for our planet. Depending on the size of your office, we recommend your Green Team includes a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 10 people. Ask around to find colleagues who share an interest in sustainability, and aim for representation from different departments so that the Green Team is visible across the organization.

2. Who leads the Green Team?

Anyone can lead a Green Team! It doesn’t need to be the Environment Specialist, although we recommend this person is at least a team member to provide technical advice and ideas. MEDA’s HQ Green Team rotates its leadership among members every quarter so that all of us get a chance to lead together. The leader’s responsibility is simply to create meeting agendas, send invites for meeting dates to all members, and then ensure someone is taking notes (minutes) during the meeting.

3. How often do we meet?

We recommend meeting every 1-2 months, or sometimes more often if there are Green Team activities or events that need to be planned and discussed. Secure a room that has enough space and access to a projector, such as a boardroom, in case you need to look at resources together.

4. How do we get support from management?

You already have it! MEDA’s Environmental Policy describes our commitment to environmental sustainability in everything we do, and managers in all our global offices are encouraged to support local Green Teams. MEDA HQ’s Green Team also provides support to local teams by sharing strategies, ideas, and other resources.

5. How much does it cost?

Most of MEDA’s Green Teams do not have a budget, and simply create fun, no-cost ways for their office to learn more about the natural environment and how to become better stewards of it. If your team would like to engage in activities that require minimal funds, such as printing posters or purchasing energy-saving lightbulbs, speak with your manager to learn whether project funds can be used.

6. What do we talk about when we meet?

You should create an agenda for each meeting, which will help to guide the team on assessing how things are going and what can be done to continue to make your office more environmentally friendly. Minutes, or notes, should also be taken at each meeting and then shared with everyone on the team prior to the next meeting so they can remember what was discussed. Here is a sample agenda:
  1. Review minutes from last Green Team meeting
  2. Planning for any current or upcoming Green Team initiatives,  including responsibilities
  3. Brainstorming for future initiatives

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