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A lot like you, actually

She is smart. She is resourceful. She is driven to succeed.

The main difference is her access to opportunity.


Conducting business is challenging in countries where women don’t have freedom of movement. Some cannot drive, leave home alone, or enter places of business. MEDA has developed innovative solutions that help women entrepreneurs in these cultures overcome mobility barriers and build sustainable livelihoods.


In some countries, women’s inability to own land means they have no collateral to secure loans for goods and capital purchases. In other countries, banks are simply not inclined to lend women money, considering them high risk. MEDA works to provide women entrepreneurs with access to capital through MEDA-funded financial service providers including, where appropriate, investment.


Women in developing countries are not often the priority when it comes to training and education. In the end, however, it is often women who stay close to home and take a leadership role in their family’s business or farming operations. MEDA works within specific sectors to ensure women entrepreneurs gain the necessary technical and business skills to grow and manage their operations.

Stories of Impact

MEDA is passionate about helping women around the world level the playing field for themselves. Here are some stories of success and impact:



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Reducing the time burden for women

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