Invest with MEDA

Impact investing is simply that; investing with impact.

There is a way to support sustainable economic, social and environmental change and seek an ethical profit and MEDA can help you do that.

Here's why

The international community has the goal of eradicating poverty by 2030. MEDA believes that by transforming economies, these goals are achievable. Through investment and blended finance, MEDA seeks to respond to the challenge of financing sustainable businesses.

Here's how

The MEDA Risk Capital Fund (MRCF) provides early stage capital, an important source of funding for young companies. MRCF invests in promising companies in developing countries that have an excellent prospect of financial success and economic benefit to communities in poverty. An investment in MRCF is an investment in sustainable change.

Here's what we invest in

SME Finance


Financial Services

Impact Investment Platforms

Information Technology


Our Expertise

Blended Finance

MEDA is experienced in structuring blended finance partnerships that allow for different types of capital to achieve commercial and impact objectives. An early leader in blended finance, MEDA partnered with the Government of Canada in 2013 to pilot the use of concessionary finance to raise private capital for development-related investments in private equity and trade finance. A key aspect of these partnerships is the provision of technical assistance to funds and SMEs to support the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Technical Assistance

MEDA develops bespoke technical assistance packages, delivering services directly to funds and SMEs in gender lens investing, environment social and governance (ESG) integration and impact measurement and management. Through partnering with more than 20 fund managers and 37 companies across 21 countries, MEDA has supported improved business performance and impact including the development of groundbreaking toolkits like the Gender Equality Mainstreaming Framework.

Our Purpose

MEDA is committed to serving people experiencing poverty. The MEDA Risk Capital Fund (MRCF) focuses on …

  • leveraging profitable market and business opportunities, and
  • offering solid social and environmental dividends,

… while providing strong growth and financial returns to reinvest.

We believe investing for social impact is a powerful way to sustainably increase the prosperity, health and wellbeing of millions of families around the world.

Our Promise

MEDA will continuously adapt the MRCF investment strategy in response to the changing needs and trends in the impact investing eco-system. MEDA will continue to catalyze new platforms and blended finance partnerships, improve the fund’s investment policies and procedures, scale the organization’s gender lens investing strategy and design more sophisticated impact reporting methodologies.


United States

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Sr. Director, Resource Development

Bethany Nussbaum
Sr. Development Officer, Central U.S. and Florida

Ruth Leaman
Sr. Development and Campaign Officer, Eastern Seaboard


Dean Shoemaker
Sr. Development Officer, Eastern Canada

Randy Sawatzky
Sr. Development Officer, Western Canada