Guelph to Goderich to Ghana to GROW

May 11 - 15, 2022

Thank you for your support!

We are so pleased to announce that the Guelph 2 Goderich 2 Ghana (G2G2G) group met their goal of raising $117,550 in support of women entrepreneurs and smallholder farmers in Ghana.

Donations to MEDA’s project in Ghana are still welcome!

Women play a critical role in the Ghanaian economy and in supporting their household nutritional health and wellbeing. Despite women’s important contributions to the Ghanaian agricultural sector, they have limited access to land, technology, training and financial services. The situation is worse for women in rural areas of Northern Ghana. In these areas, women have limited agency to make decisions about their own lives. MEDA’s work in Ghana aims to improve the economic and social empowerment of smallholder women farmers, entrepreneurs, and agribusinesses in Northern Ghana.

We did it, with your support!

The G2G2G group trekked the 132 km Goderich to Guelph Rail Trail from May 11 to 15 and had great weather and great conversations along the way. Thank you to all who took part, donated or volunteered to make this event a success!

G2G2G Group

Elaine Shantz, Miriam Turnbull, Lisa Fehr, Jennifer Barnes, Brenda Leis, Tara Proper, Andrea Brissette, Jenny Shantz, Dorothy Nyambi, Marcia Scheffler, Wendy Clayson and Lindsay Wallace

Learn more about the GROW2 Project

At MEDA’s WEW Virtual Session on May 5th, Jennifer Denomy, our Technical Director for Gender Equality and Social Inclusion, reported on her recent trip to Ghana and how MEDA works to support women entrepreneurs and food security there.

*This event is not related to the G2G Rail Trail Inc. Charity