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Investments that benefit the poor …
another way MEDA creates business solutions to poverty

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MEDA's Sarona Risk Capital Fund (SRCF) provides early stage capital, an important source of funding for young companies. SRCF invests in promising companies in developing countries where we see both an excellent prospect of financial success and economic benefit to poor communities.

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Experience and innovation for lasting impact

MEDA's first investment – in 1953 – was a dairy serving small farmers in Paraguay's Fernheim Colony. The Sarona Dairy, named after the fertile biblical Plain of Sharon in Israel, became a smashing success.

As our partners in Paraguay repaid the investment, MEDA created a pool of capital to re-invest elsewhere on behalf of the poor.

That investment was repaid in full in 1972. The Sarona Dairy closed a few years ago, but that initial investment spun off a variety of dairies that today provide a large portion of Paraguay's milk products.

That was the beginning of MEDA – a pioneer in sharing risk with the poor – decades ahead of today's emerging impact investing trend.

The Sarona Risk Capital Fund (SRCF) provides capital, both directly and through funds, to growing companies.

Now with $19 million in total assets managed, SRCF achieves MEDA's mission of creating business solutions to poverty and creates funds to invest in these companies.

Today, MEDA also co-invests with private investors through the SRCF 1 LP fund.


MEDA is committed to serving poor communities. SRCF focuses on ...

  • leveraging profitable market and business opportunities, and,
  • offering solid social and environmental dividends,

... while providing strong growth and financial returns to reinvest.

We believe investing for social impact is a powerful way to sustainably increase the prosperity, health and wellbeing of millions of families around the world.