Business Plan Competitions: Addressing the Needs of Women and Youth Entrepreneurs

The JVL project has been implementing business plan competitions since September 2017. This summary document is an overview of the project’s business plan competition; a more comprehensive learning document is currently being produced that will build on the lessons and experiences of applicants, implementing partners, and JVL staff.

Utilizing Technology to Advance Project Management: Insights from Jordan Valley Links (EN/FR)

This learning document outlines how MEDA’s Jordan Valley Links (JVL) project shifted from traditional data collection approaches and analysis, such as paper-based forms and excel tables, to an automated data management system. Peer organizations can gain insights from JVL’s experience on customizing a business-oriented Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for NGO programming.

Powerful Performances – Influencing Mindsets Through Community Theatre in Jordan

In Jordan, MEDA partners with the National Association for Family and Empowerment (NAFE), a local non-profit organization that provides financial literacy, business skills training and facilitates savings and loan groups. To support these activities, NAFE established a community theatre group using drama to promote gender equality and economic empowerment for women and youth.