Webinar Slides – A Customer Centric Lens for Good Agricultural Practices

September 26, 2019: This webinar focused on the benefits of adaptive GAP, how they relate to customer centricity, and how implementers can incorporate this approach in their programming. Presenters Nick Ramsing from MEDA and Anne-Cécile Delwaide drew on practical lessons and best practice from INNOVATE’s diverse project portfolio, and shared insights into challenges and opportunities for adaptive GAP from the Chithumba model for soybean farmers, implemented by INNOVATE partner Agronomy Technology Ltd. (ATL) in Malawi. Read more about the featured publications:

Side Event Presentation: Learning Journeys of Smallholder Finance and Innovation Adoption

Hosted by MEDA INNOVATE, this learning event showcased lessons and partner journeys on learning, testing and documenting how non-traditional finance can support smallholder producers to uptake agricultural innovations and technologies in Kenya and Rwanda. The learning event also aimed to stimulate dialogue and discussion around the MEDA INNOVATE learning agenda on relevant themes and topics for the region with special focus on non-traditional financing models, gender and women’s economic empowerment. Speakers included Calvin Miller and INNOVATE partners Bidhaa Sasa, Dodore Kenya Ltd., and World Relief Rwanda. This side learning event was held on September 30 before the AFRACA International Conference on Best Practices in Rural and Agricultural Finance Oct 1-3 in Nairobi, Kenya at the Kenya School of Monetary Studies.