The MEDA Risk Capital Fund

The MEDA Risk Capital Fund



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MEDA is a recognized global leader in impact investing, blended finance and market-based programs that assist millions of people around the world to realize their economic and social aspirations.

The MEDA Risk Capital Fund (MRCF), is a pool of investment assets owned by MEDA. By investing in viable Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) and funds in developing markets, MEDA strives to support the economic advancement of excluded, low-income and disadvantaged communities including women and youth.

The critical role and need for investment capital in developing markets is only continuing to grow. In 2018, MEDA's investment outreach benefitted over one million households and over 90,000 women, men and youth participated in MEDA programming. From its founding investors in 1953 to the establishment of MEDA as a non-profit entity in 1973, MEDA has adapted alongside market trends and the evolving nature of investing risk capital in developing markets.