EDGET Impact Assessment Summary Report

EDGET Impact Assessment Summary Report



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"MEDA conducts post-project Impact Assessments for some of its larger projects following project close, in order to determine the sustainability of key project results. These assessments inform MEDA project design generally, as well as current and future projects in the country in which the assessment took place. This assessment was conducted for Ethiopians Driving Growth Entrepreneurship and Trade (EDGET).

EDGET was a six-year project beginning in 2010 and ending in 2015. The overall project goal was to enable Ethiopian individuals, organizations, and public and private sector stakeholders to sustainably support and promote two sectors: rice and hand-woven textiles by increasing producer incomes. The EDGET project was funded by Global Affairs Canada (then CIDA) with approximately $9.6 million dollars and an additional contribution of $1.5 million from MEDA supporters. EDGET supported 10,894 men and women small producers (40% women) to increase their incomes by improving production and moving them higher in their respective value chains. With an average household size of five people, EDGET was designed to bring positive change to 50,000 people residing in selected areas within Amhara Region and Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples’ Region (SNNPR).

The purpose of this assessment was to determine the lasting impact that EDGET had for its primary clients (rice and textiles producers) as well as secondary clients (commercial players). The following research questions guided the assessment:"