In recent years, Kenya has demonstrated strong economic growth, averaging 5.7% in 2019, positioning the country’s economy as one of the fastest growing in sub-Saharan Africa. The agricultural sector remains important to the economy, especially among the rural population, employing 70% of Kenya’s rural residents and 40% of the entire population. Despite the challenges that Kenya faces, the country is poised to become an economic leader, equipped with a highly skilled workforce, a robust private sector, and a youthful population.

Years Active

2014 – Present

Technical Areas

Financial services, market systems, investment

Primary Value Chains/Sectors

Vegetables, quarrying, mining

MEDA's work in Kenya

Since 2014, MEDA has partnered with small and medium-sized businesses, small entrepreneurs, and farmers to increase the economic growth of rural counties across Kenya. Through our projects, we provide business consulting and service provider assistance, access to finance and investment capital, and opportunities to access debt or equity financing for investment partners and financial service providers.

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“Being a farmer and Agrovet dealer has provided me with a source of income that enables me to educate my children and sustain my family’s needs.”

— Esther, M-SAWA Client