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MEDA's Response to the COVID-19 Outbreak

Supporting businesses & preventing the spread

MEDA is concerned with the health and safety of all of our partners, staff and clients. At the same time, we know that our work has a tangible impact on business owners and families. As people decrease their movements and change their buying habits, this will impact business.

Our mission is, and will continue to be, creating business solutions to poverty.

MEDA works alongside partners and clients in 26 countries, and everyone is experiencing COVID-19 in different ways. Because of this, we are working with local country directors and field teams and encouraging them to take action based on their local context.

A call for continued support

The impacts of COVID-19 on our world are unprecedented and far-reaching. The effects are particularly troubling in the emerging economies where MEDA works, where nations are forced to seek a delicate balance between protecting lives and safeguarding livelihoods.

Unfortunate consequences of nationwide lockdowns and social distancing measures include the disruption of agricultural production and supply chains and the reduction or elimination of incomes for many small businesses.

For small holder farmers, this crisis comes at a critical period of preparation for the coming agricultural season and has interrupted access to key agricultural inputs, like seeds and fertilizer. For others, ready to harvest cash crops – like mangos, cashews, apples - they will experience post-harvest loss and will have difficulty getting to markets. The reduced incomes or lost livelihoods combined with mobility restrictions will make feeding themselves and their families very difficult.

Investment in small business is more important now than ever before. Your support ensures entrepreneurs continue to have access to the resources they need to keep their businesses afloat, feed their families, and, when the dust settles, it will be crucial to helping rebuild robust economies.

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Staff & Security Update:

The safety and health of our staff and partners is our top priority. Since January, MEDA has been proactive in monitoring and responding to the risks associated with coronavirus, now Covid-19. Our security department developed a three-tiered response to ensure our staff and client’s safety.

MEDA Headquarters, in Canada, has instituted the following protocols:

  • Work from home protocol for all of our offices, both in North America and abroad, as of March 16th, 2020. 
  • Risk monitoring and staff education to prevent and minimize transmission
  • All international and domestic travel has been suspended
  • Determine and implement a social distancing work schedule/approach for staff
  • Large meetings and conferences postponed, cancelled or moved to a virtual format

To our Supporters:

Throughout North America, Hubs are calling on their supporters and community members to support local businesses and entrepreneurs where possible. Hub committees are in contact about potentially rescheduling canceled events and revising their 2020 activities, as well as other ways to stay connected. Stay tuned for updates from the Hubs. 

Watch videos of our recent webinar series Connections.

To our Partners & Clients:

We encourage you to find ways to continue to conduct your work in a safe manner, to minimize the disruption of work.

Many of you connect regularly, in person, with colleagues and people in your community. We encourage you to change face-to-face meetings to phone or video meetings whenever possible.

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How is COVID 19 impacting MEDA partners and clients?

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