Ukraine’s economy has been considered “the breadbasket of Europe” because of the country’s rich and fertile soil. Ukraine’s economy relies heavily on the exports of wheat, industrial equipment, and energy. For the last six years, Ukraine economy has suffered greatly because of political instability. Ukraine’s economy since independence in 1991 has undergone strong reforms, but has been continuously met with economic, political, and social challenges. Yet, its economy has continued to recover since 2013.

Years Active

2014 – Present

Areas of Expertise

Financial services, market systems, gender equality, climate change

Primary Sectors

Vegetables, fruit, honey

MEDA's work in Ukraine

MEDA has worked in Ukraine since 2014 to improve the incomes for thousands of smallholder horticultural small and medium businesses in the southern regions of the country. By providing farmers with access to technology, such as e-commerce platforms, business skills training, market linkages to increase farmers’ yields and incomes, MEDA is improving the horticultural market system for small farmers and entrepreneurs in southern Ukraine.

Our Impact

Direct Clients​
Percentage Women
0 %
“Thanks to the MEDA, we visited a station where herbs were grown, and attended conferences dedicated to medicinal herbs production. I rekindled dreams of doing this business at once, I was very interested. Besides, we met with the agronomists via Skype, who gave us recommendations for growing. We acted on their advice and recommendations and we succeeded in doing this business.”