The Tanzanian economy has grown an impressive 7% since 2000. Although agriculture employs 77% of the working population, the economic prosperity of the urban centers is not mirrored in rural regions. Tanzania’s private sector plays a large role in the employment of youth, employing approximately 70% of young people. Tanzania’s strengths, including a record of political stability, a diversified economy with plentiful natural resources, and strong economic management will enable the country to achieve its goal to become a middle-income country.

Years Active

2009 – Present

Areas of Expertise

Financial services, market systems, gender equality

Primary Sectors

Cassava, sunflower oil, banana, rice, vegetables, dairy

MEDA's work in Tanzania

For over 10 years, MEDA has worked in Tanzania to facilitate market linkages, ensure that financial services are accessible, empower women through business, and provide agricultural technical training. By partnering with small entrepreneurs (SEs), small businesses, growing businesses, and lead firms in the manufacturing, agriculture, and construction sectors we are ensuring that they are competitive and sustainable.

Our Impact

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“From practicing good cassava agronomy … I have witnessed the difference in yield.”