Pakistan has a vibrant economy that is the 23rd largest in the world in terms of GDP by purchasing power parity. Its economy is generally driven by textiles and clothing, which comprise most of its exports. A large proportion of people in Pakistan are employed in the informal market and underemployment is high. Its agricultural sector contributes 18.5% of the country’s GDP and it is one of the largest producers of a range of staple crops, including wheat, cotton, sugarcane, mango, and rice.

Years Active

2009 – Present

Areas of Expertise

Financial services, market systems, gender equality, climate change

Primary Sectors

Rice, vegetables, honey, dairy, wheat, seedlings, textiles, handicrafts

MEDA's work in Pakistan

MEDA is working with private partners and smallholder farmers to become seed producers and entrepreneurs by connecting seed producers and entrepreneurs with seed suppliers. MEDA’s work has also ensured that women are included in markets and receive business training. Over the years, MEDA has worked with women in the milk, embellished fabrics, seedlings, and jewelry sectors to increase their income and improve the capacity of local partners, businesses, and processors.
“Now we get certified seeds and using them has increased our profits. It has enabled us to educated our children and helped us in better managing our household expenses.”

Nazia, PAVE Pakistan