Nicaragua is one of the least developed countries in Central America, with an underdeveloped finance sector that provides limited services. Approximately 65% of the country’s workers are employed in the informal sector. Like many countries in the region, its economy is heavily dependent on agriculture, representing 17% of its GDP and agricultural produce and textiles making up 50% of its exports. Agriculture is the main support for 90% of the rural population.

Years Active

2011 – Present

Areas of Expertise

Financial services, market systems, investment

Primary Sectors

Vegetables, fruit, honey, coffee, cocoa

MEDA's work in Nicaragua

In 2011 MEDA launched our first project in Nicaragua. Since then, MEDA has partnered with local institutions, ministries, and businesses to provide financial services, access to markets, and investment. Currently, MEDA partners with small farmers’ and agri-food processors to help them grow in profitability through the use of productive technologies to increase their harvest and improve the quality of their produce.

Our Impact

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Percentage Women
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Current Projects

“With this technology, we are enabled to expand our area of production and of cultivation from the time that we save. With the other mechanical atomizer, one manzana took one day to do an application [of the agrochemicals]. Now with this atomizer, this can be done in two hours.”