Despite the Libyan economy being one of the most oil dependent in the world, the agricultural sector is an important contributor to the economy, employing approximately 22% of the Libyan workforce. Yet, this sector only contributes 3% of the country’s GDP and 92% of Libyan families grow food for their own consumption. The impact of the conflict in Libya, based upon the country’s reliance on oil, greatly affected its economy. 74% of households that grow their own food have reported significant challenges, including power outages, greater food insecurity, and the inability to afford farming materials.

Years Active

2012 – 2020

Areas of Expertise

Financial services, gender equality, market systems

Primary Sectors

Not sector specific.

MEDA's work in Libya

MEDA worked in Libya from 2012 to 2020. For over 8 years, MEDA partnered with over 11,000 ambitious women and youth to start and expand their businesses. Through our project, MEDA provided training, coaching/mentorship, networking opportunities, and buyer engagement. A matching grant fund further helped support these businesses.

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Decent Work

“The LEE program definitely opened up my horizons. I learned that even if you don’t have the resources to implement your idea it’s enough to have a dream and ambition.”

Mofida, Libya Economic Empowerment