Most of the Haitian economy is informal and based on agriculture with 60% of people living in rural areas depending on agriculture, fisheries, and livestock for their incomes. Natural disasters, lack of access to information and modern technology have negatively affected agricultural activity. Despite these challenges, there remains opportunities for economic development and growth. Informal micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) create up to 80% of new jobs but are limited by lack of access to financing and business advice. Creating a more business-friendly environment will help these businesses to achieve greater prosperity and success.

Years Active

2010 – Present

Areas of Expertise

Financial services, investment, gender equality, market systems

Primary Sectors

Vegetables, nuts

MEDA's work in Haiti

MEDA has worked in Haiti intermittently since 2010 to assist small businesses and agricultural producers access financial services and markets. Currently, MEDA is working to provide targeted support for 30,000 MSMEs to become profitable enterprises, enabling them to grow, become more competitive, and generate more jobs across the country.