Ethiopia is one of the world’s oldest countries. Throughout its history, it has remained an economic hub for trade and free enterprise. Ethiopia’s land is its most promising resource. Agriculture contributes to almost half of Ethiopia’s gross domestic product (GDP) – mostly conducted by subsistence smallholder farmers and cash cropping. Exports are predominantly comprised of agricultural commodities, however, mining, and export of precious gemstones is also on the rise.

Years Active

2010 – Present

Areas of Expertise

Market systems, financial services, gender equality, environment

Primary Sectors

Rice, handicrafts, vegetables, livestock, honey, coffee, spices, gemstones, textiles

MEDA's work in Ethiopia

Since 2010, MEDA has worked with farmers and agri-businesses in Ethiopia to facilitate market connections, develop entrepreneurs, and transform agricultural practices. Although agriculture remains our strongest sector involvement, MEDA has also supported businesses in handicrafts, textile, and gemstones. Over the course of our time in Ethiopia, MEDA has supported over 47,000 men, women, and youth access markets, financial services, environmental and gender training, and business growth.

Our Impact

Direct Clients​
Percentage Women
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“As rice is something I have started to grow recently, I did not have enough experience on how to manage the weed and how to water the rice farm in particular … connecting with EMERTA, has been an eye opener for me.”