Be a Convention 2018 Sponsor

Convention 2017Partner with MEDA to communicate your brand and your message of hope for families living in poverty around the world. Broaden your reach amongst peers and customers.

Between now and November 8-11, MEDA will be promoting our upcoming convention in Indianapolis, Indiana. This year is special because we will be honouring our president Allan Sauder, as he prepares to retire. It will be a memorable event that will be widely promoted beyond our usual channels and with greater frequency.

Convention offers many opportunities to showcase your name and logo to our supporters and their networks. Examples include banners, signage, print materials, program books, postcards, social media, and our website. See the chart below for a greater sense of numbers that can be reached via our promotional efforts.

Let us know if you’d like your name to go alongside the various forms of promotion and celebration for this event. We can schedule a phone call to follow up with greater detail.

Please contact us at 1-800-665-7026 or by e-mail at . We're still accepting sponsorships!



10 available


8 available


4 available


2 available
Convention 2018 Program Booklet - Half Page Ad
~500 people reach
check check check check
Reserved Meal Table at Convention
*Sponsorships under $2,500 can sponsor a young professional/student/meal table
check check check check
MEDAzine, MEDA's e-mail newsletter
~6,100 reach
check check check check
Social Media mentions from MEDA
Reach: ~1,900 Twitter, ~2,800 Facebook, ~2,500 LinkedIn
check check check check
Signage at Convention
~500 people reach
checkSmall seminar checkSmall seminar checkBreakfast / Coffee Break checkLunch / Dessert Thursday
Young Professionals / MEDAx check check check check
Convention website
~19,500 convention area / ~7,800 Main landing page
check check check check
~7,200 reach
  check check check
Convention Display Table
~500 people reach
    check check
PowerPoint Slide during sessions
~500 people reach
    check check
Plenary mention / speaking opportunity
~500 people reach
    checkAfter Breakfast
checkThursday / Friday Lunch / Saturday
Company Logo on an Indy Race Car
~500 people reach
    check check
Welcome Bags
~500 people reach
Markers / Business cards
~500 people reach
4 seats at the Priority Table       checkFriday / Saturday