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Each year, MEDA hosts its annual convention, Business as a Calling. I had the opportunity to attend this year's events in Niagara Falls, Ontario from November 1-4, 2012. I was excited to learn more about MEDA, contribute to work behind-the-scenes, and meet some of our supporters.

I arrived with the rest of the Marketing team on October 31 to help with registration preparation and logistics. It was a great to be able to meet face-to-face the staff I had been corresponding and working on projects with.

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A Ploughman's Paradise


In September I was given the opportunity to attend the 2012 International Plowing Match (IPM for short) in Roseville, Ontario. To be honest, I had never heard of the IPM until this experience so I was surprised about the crowd it gathered. Over 100,000 people (mainly farmers) visit this farming and agricultural expo of sorts each year, bringing together people over various competitions, displays, demonstrations, and food.

MEDA had a booth in a tent with other community organizations and we were just there to spread the world about who we are and the work we do, with a particular focus on our agriculture projects like Techno-Links, Farmer to Farmer, EDGET, Ukraine Horticulture Development Projects, GROW, and Cassava Seed Champions, amongst others.

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Introducing the 2012 MEDA Interns

Welcome to MEDA's Intern Blog!This fall, 14 new interns joined MEDA to take part in an international development internship. Working in a variety of capacities and countries, each intern will be helping MEDA fulfill its mission of creating business solutions to poverty. Over the next 6 months, you will read about our experiences, learn our stories, and discover with us what it is like working in international development overseas. All of us come from different backgrounds and have different life experiences; how we react and learn from our work experience will be different. Why we chose to apply for our MEDA internships is different, yet we all hope to grow from the opportunity ahead of us.

So now the time comes to introduce the 2012 MEDA Interns...Adrien Friesen – Impact Assessment Intern, Market Linkages, NicaraguaAlan Kuurstra – I.T. Development Intern, Market Linkages, TanzaniaCaitlin MacDougall – Communication Development Intern, Financial Services, MoroccoDevon Krainer – Rural Microfinance Intern, Market Linkages, EthiopiaJaclyn Stief - Fundraising/Marketing, Marketing & Engagement, CanadaJennifer Ferreri – Rural Microfinance Intern, Financial Services, ZambiaKatherine Arblaster – Rural Microfinance Intern, Financial Services, NicaraguaKathryn Wyatt – Business Development Advisor, Market Linkages, EthiopiaLauren Brander – Impact Assessment Intern, Financial Services, MoroccoMarie Ang – Impact Assessment Intern, Market Linkages, TanzaniaMeghan Denega – Impact Assessment Intern, Market Linkages, UkraineMonica Rodriguez – Value Chain Development Intern, Market Linkages, PeruOla Mirzoeva – Value Chain Development Intern, Market Linkages, UkraineStephanie Shenk – Project Coordinator Intern, Market Linkages, United States

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