Catherine Sobrevega is an international development professional with over 25 years of NGO work experience as senior country and program manager, economic development and microfinance specialist. Currently she is managing MEDA’s 6-year, $20-million GAC-funded Greater Rural Opportunities for Women (GROW) project which is helping 20,000 women farmers improve the food security of their families in Northern Ghana. Catherine has worked on several USAID, USDA, GAC, DFID, EC, DANIDA, UN, CGIAR, IFAD and World Bank-funded projects. She has a Masters in Management from Atlantic International University in USA. She is a Certified Development Project Manager from PM4DEV. Catherine has been primarily involved in implementing economic development and women projects in post-conflict countries like Bosnia, Eritrea, Afghanistan; also in the Philippines, Bangladesh and Ghana.

Liliana joined MEDA in 2016. As the senior manager on MEDA’s environmental and climate change programming, she helps projects worldwide manage their environmental impacts and provides leadership for integrating climate change action into work with entrepreneurs and businesses. Prior to working with MEDA, Liliana worked as an Economist for Environment Canada and was a junior research fellow with the International Development Research Centre, conducting research on natural resource development in Myanmar and Thailand. Liliana also leverages her private sector experience as a business analyst in her current role designing and implementing environmentally sustainable market development interventions.

Celine is from Sarnia, ON and recently graduated from University College London (United Kingdom) with a Master’s degree in International Relations of the Americas. During her undergraduate, Celine spent five months living in Buenos Aires, Argentina and fell in love with Latin America. She has significant experience working with vulnerable populations, specifically with refugees, having worked in refugee-serving organizations in Toronto, Ontario and El Paso, Texas.  Her other specialities include research, case management, programming, and community outreach. Celine is thrilled to have the opportunity to work with MEDA’s Nicaraguan partner MiCrédito in order to gain work experience in inclusive financial services.
Sara M. Seavey is a Senior Program Manager for Gender in MEDA’s Cross-Cutting Services team and oversees the implementation of gender equality programming, ensuring technical quality assurance, and building internal capacity of staff and partners.

In this role, she develops and manages MEDA's gender equality strategies, developing tools and resources for MEDA’s gender programming. She currently supports projects in Tanzania, Kenya, Myanmar, Jordon, and Ghana. She also supports MEDA’s Vulnerable Populations working group, which focuses on how to increase women and youth in economic development programs. Prior to joining MEDA, Sara managed complex projects, including mobile data for decision making and digital financial inclusion with USAID’s Global Development Lab, and workforce development in Morocco. She has also worked with women entrepreneurs in Cape Town, South Africa and supported international exchange programs between the U.S. and Asia. Sara holds a M.A. in Social Enterprise from American University and a B.A. in International Development from Connecticut College.
Allan joined MEDA in 1987, and has worked in various capacities within MEDA’s international programs since that time. He was appointed President in 2002. Allan has also worked with the International Development Research Centre, Mennonite Central Committee, and Home Hardware Stores Ltd. He has lived and worked in Tanzania and Bangladesh, and his travels have taken him to more than 65 countries. Allan holds an M.B.A. from the University of Western Ontario and a B.Sc. from the University of Waterloo.
Helen oversees the strategic direction and implementation of MEDA's Economic Opportunities (EO) division in which projects and assignments around the world empower clients (women & youth) to reach their economic potential and avail improved income-generating options. She coaches the EO team in their design and implementation of innovative solutions to the challenges faced by our women and youth clients in participating fully in market systems. Her role includes increasing and enhancing MEDA's networks of private sector firms, institutional donors, and other agencies - both local and international - as partners in our work of building economic gains for clients in challenging environments such as those affected by conflict, cultural constraints, climate-change pressures and dire economic disadvantage. Helen has directly managed several women's economic development programs in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and has expertise in building business operations for enterprises in India, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Libya, Afghanistan, - and in Canada. Her work centres on the practical application of disciplined business principles in building effective pro-poor programs for marginalized communities around the globe.
As project manager, Kara manages MEDA's work on the SDC funded Chemin Levi Miyo Plus (CLM+) Project (Pathways to a better life) in Haiti with Fonkoze Foundation, the lead implementer. An extension to Fonkoze’s very successful CLM program, this project seeks to introduce more market-driven and business-oriented solutions to addressing the poverty that the program’s women face through facilitating improved technical assistance and market linkages. Kara also supports MEDA’s project in Myanmar specifically focusing on the impact that women’s economic empowerment has on peacebuilding. Kara also provides value chain development expertise; market systems analysis and research; and manages local and international donor relations as required.
Mark Akpan is a financial inclusion and business management professional. He facilitates and coordinates in-country MEDA program activities on capacity strengthening of targeted financial partners to develop youth inclusive, gender responsive and environmentally responsible financial products and services for youths on the Youth, Leadership, Access, Entrepreneurship and Development (YouLead) Project in Cross River State, Nigeria.