Kamran Abdullayev, who joined MEDA in 2010, is Technical Director for Financial Services. His focus is agriculture value chain finance, micro and small enterprises finance. He is passionate about helping the poor get access to a range of financial and business support services that enable them build their livelihoods.

Back to Ethiopia

I always look forward to going to Ethiopia. Since MEDA started its first program there in 2010, geared to empowering smallholder rice farmers and rural textile weavers and helping them access to better markets, Ethiopia has been my favorite destination.

The most powerful attraction is MEDA’s Ethiopia team – their hospitality, dedication to the development of their country, intelligence, and the humility with which they approach their work that reminds me of our Mennonite members in Waterloo. It is precisely the support they provide me for all my assignments in Ethiopia and the diligence with which they follow up that strengthens my belief that great results are possible only with great teams.
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