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MEDA began with a group of Mennonite businesspeople who believed they were called to be faithful in generously sharing their abilities and resources. Over 70 years later, it continues today because of congregations like yours – faithfully sharing their blessings with their brothers and sisters around the globe.

We appreciate the opportunity to stay connected with your congregation. Below are digital resources for you to engage with MEDA’s work, explore the intersection of faith and business, and stay up to date on the impact of your support.

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We encourage you to share these resources with your congregation as we work together to alleviate poverty!

2022 Resources Available for Sharing

MEDA Moment in Mission: Second Chance Success

The Second Chance Success Project focuses on blended finance approaches to women’s economic empowerment. When women are economically empowered, they re-invest in their families and communities, producing a multiplier effect that spurs economic growth and contributes to global peace and stability.

Yet, lack of access to finance is one of the major barriers facing women entrepreneurs around the world.

Offering Request: Support hardworking women entrepreneurs

When you give, it plays an essential role in equipping hardworking women experiencing poverty with the resources they need to thrive in business.

Would you partner with us in ensuring women entrepreneurs in the Global South make their business goals reality?

Catherine Sobrevega, Country Director for the Philippines

Leading with love

Before working with MEDA, I thought being a “good Catholic” meant going to Sunday masses, participating in religious holidays, and fasting during Lent – but I now know that it is more than that. It’s not just about things that you do, but how you treat others.

I believe that kindness begets kindness, and that love begets love. When you lead the way, others will follow.

AVPN Conference 2022: MEDA will be presenting at the Faith-Based Philanthropy Panel

You’re invited to join us in supporting MEDA’s Catherine Sobrevega, as she speaks on a a panel discussing:

Different models of institutional faith-based philanthropy in Asia
Philanthropy across different faiths and the principles that guide them
The drivers, challenges, and opportunities to give more strategically while embedding faith-based values
Asian Venture Philanthropy Network is Asia’s #1 social investment network. They work to increase the flow of capital towards impact in Asia, ensuring that resources are most effectively deployed.

Date: June 23rd
Time: 2:45PM – 4:15PM SGT/GMT+8
Where: Online

Found in the May/June 2022 issue, page 4. Article author, Michael Krahn, is the Lead Pastor of the Evangelical Mennonite Mission Church in Aylmer, Ontario. You can find more of Michael’s writing at

The Marketplace Article Feature: COVID Has Made Us Weary, But We Should Still Be Doing Good

Seldom in the world’s history has the entirety of humankind been subjected to such mind-numbing and soul-crushing stress and chaos that has led to such persistent weariness.

During this time, on days when I’m feeling down, it’s easy to look for the fruits of my efforts and wonder if I’ve accomplished anything at all.

This is quite opposite of what we desire, isn’t it?

The Marketplace magazine explores the intersection of faith and business. It also shows the impact of MEDA’s efforts to create business solutions to poverty in the Global South.

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Save the Date: MEDA Convention 2022

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Don’t miss out on this time to converse with like-minded business people, to take part in engaging seminars and activities, and to discuss business as a calling and MEDA’s work creating business solutions to poverty.

In this issue, you will find...

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MEDA’s origins are rooted in the aftermath of the second World War when thousands of Russian Mennonites fled as refugees to the country of Paraguay.

There, they established strong communities that were grounded in Christian values of peace, justice and entrepreneurship. Many were eager to set up their own businesses, but they lacked financial capital and key resources.

MEDA was born out of the need to provide small businesses with capital, business training, microloans and investment. That’s what we continue to do today.

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