Worship & Work: a MEDA staff perspective

Praying and training that we be a blessing, 
and by our handiwork daily confessing: 
we are committed to serving humanity, 
worship and work must be one. 

From “Worship The Lord”, Fred Kaan

I wish I could show you my mind when I work. I see pictures, lines connecting, I push an idea one way and draw in another in a Matrix-like way. And as I build in this way, I get excited and feel like I am at the center of my calling. 

I love putting things in order and seeing systems emerge within the complexity of living organizations. I also love to work with and for the people in my orbit – whether they be near or far away. Knowing that the work of my hands has made their day easier, their opportunities greater, or their progress better makes a good day for me.  

I believe work is an expression of faith, and the quality of my work, in one small sense, is a measure of my love for Jesus. At this point you might be thinking that I am a minister, (and you would be wrong) or that I have a religious vocation (and you would be right). I am MEDA’s Director of Integrated Digital Solutions, leading a team of people dedicated to using the lever of technology to further MEDA’s goal of providing 500,000 people with decent work.  

Dorothy Sayers, in her article “Why Work?” says that decent work is that “such as a human being can perform without degradation – that no one is required by economic or any other considerations to devote himself to work that is contemptible, soul destroying, or harmful.” I like this definition, and I am privileged to work with so many fine people on this goal; and I have been fortunate to find just such work at MEDA. 

For many years MEDA has provided an opportunity to grow and develop the systems that staff rely on all over the world to carry out their work – their calling. It has afforded me the opportunity to teach others and to be taught myself. And it has provided me a venue to live out my calling as a system builder and to see the connections and opportunities for change for MEDA. 

As MEDA confronts new challenges and begins to climb new mountains in the post-COVID world, I look forward to the continued opportunity to give glory to God through work that makes things that are beautiful, useful and durable. 

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